Double Door Jammer (MX-4)

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The Securian MX-4 day and night door jammer provides 24/7 protection for double doors and larger doors.

Like its smaller brother the Securian MX-1, the Securian MX-4 is a precision-engineered door jammer that’s designed, built and tested to withstand the toughest attacks from the most committed criminals and intruders.

The Securian MX-4 provides the ultimate in property protection, providing essential extra security that will keep you, your family and colleagues safe and sound inside. It’s corrosion-proof, chip-proof and comes ready to install. It’s simple to operate by anyone of any age and has no keys or locks. If you’re searching for a large door jammer for double doors or larger external doors, the Securian MX-4 is the door brace for you.


The Securian MX-4 is part of our market-leading range of door barricades, door jammers and door stops. We designed the Securian MX-4 to provide heavy-duty security for larger doors, including double doors. The Securian MX-4 is wider than its smaller brother the Securian MX-1, with the larger surface area and 250mm length extending protection.

Installed just behind inward opening external doors, the Securian MX-4 is a high-performance door jammer that has been built to exacting standards in the UK. Tests have established that the Securian MX-4 can withstand up to 1,000lbs of attack force, that’s far higher than that used in most attempted attacks and intrusions. Even if your door lock and door bolts have been breached, the Securian MX-4 will keep you safe.

The Securian MX-4 is simple to operate. Once the base plate has been secured to the floor, the door jammer can be slid into place with the hands and feet. Once secured behind the door, you’re in control of who comes in and out. The simple design is easy to operate by people of all ages, and the door barricade can be removed in seconds if you need to exit the property in an emergency.

If you’re searching for an affordable, elegant and innovative solution to your home or office protection, then the Securian MX-4 is an ideal choice.

Securian MX-4 features

The Securian MX-4 is a high-quality security door jammer designed, engineered and built in the UK. The Securian MX-4 will work with all inward opening doors in the home or office, including UPVC doors, wooden doors, composite doors and patio doors. Sometimes called a floor latch for the door, the Securian MX-4 is the door jammer of choice for those with double doors or wide external doors.

  • Simple to install by a competent person
  • Simple slide mechanism is easy to use by people of all ages
  • High-specification corrosion-resistant metals
  • Built to withstand up to 1000lbs of attack forces
  • Functional and attractive design
  • No keys or locks and can be removed in seconds
  • L 250mm, W 85mm, H 60mm. Minimum door clearance 20mm

Personal protection

The Securian MX-4 is our premium double-door security door jammer. It’s manufactured from exceptional quality materials, including aerospace- and marine-grade materials. The unit has  a contemporary polished metal finish which looks attractive in the home and office. It’s ready to use from the box and needs no additional preparation or painting.

Like the Securian MX-1, the Securian MX-4 is designed and manufactured in the UK. When creating the unit, our experienced engineers used the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control machining (CNC) manufacturing tools, techniques and technologies.

The Securian MX-4 underwent Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and computer stress modelling to test its strength and refine its performance. Real-world tests have established it can repel the typical attack forces used in a home or office break-in.

We’re confident that the Securian MX-4 is the best double door barricade available for sale anywhere in the world.

What’s in the box

The Securian MX-4 comes with simple and detailed installation instructions that can be used by a competent professional. It’s easy to install and simple to use.

In the box you’ll find:

  • High-quality door jammer and baseplate
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Plastic rawl plugs
  • Installation instructions. Including recommendations for tools, drill bit/hole sizes etc.

Frequently asked questions

What size is the Securian MX-4 door jammer?

The Securian is 250mm long, which is 100mm (10cm) wider than the Securian MX-1. The extra width makes it perfect for protecting larger and heavier external doors and double doors. It’s one of our range of security devices designed to protect you and your property.

What doors is it safe to use the Securian MX-4 with?

The Securian MX-4 home security bar will work safely with all types of inward opening doors, including UPVC doors, wooden doors, composite doors and inward-opening patio doors. When in place, you can be confident it’s securing a door against forced entry.

The Securian MX-4 is a high-performance UPVC door jammer and can be used safely to secure UPVC doors.

It’s not suitable for UPVC windows or sliding doors.

How tough is the Securian MX-4 door jammer?

The Securian M-4 door jammer is built to withstand up to 1,000lbs of attack forces. This is far in excess of the amounts of power generated in a typical home invasion or intrusion attempt.

Even if your front door safety lock has been picked, this high-performance security door stopper will ensure you and your family are safe inside your property.


Minimum Door Clearance:20mm



Click the image for a larger version of the installation instructions, alternativly you can download and print the installation instuctions by clicking here. (MX-4_manual.pdf – 176 KB)


Click here to view the installation video for the MX-4.

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