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The Securian PX-3 is an exceptionally strong and secure French door security lock for use in the home or office. Read more

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Strong and secure

French door bar lock

Designed, engineered and assembled in the UK, the Securian PX-3 patio security bar is built to withstand the forces used in an attack, keeping you and your property safe and secure. It’s sleek, sophisticated and stylish, and comes with everything you need to install it in the box.

Ultimate home and office protection

Suitable for a range of door types

Securian patio door products have been designed to fit most French doors available today. Suitable for UPVC doors, wooden doors, double glazed doors and composite doors and will protect against attempted forced entry.

Quick and easy to install. Fitted in minutes.

Securian products have been designed for easy installation, we supply all the necessary fitments that you will need to secure and protect your property day or night.

View PX-3 installation video

The Securian PX-3 is suitable for most flat handled doors, such as those used on French doors and patio doors. There are no locks or keys to worry about, and it can be fitted and removed in seconds. The Securian PX-3 is an affordable and innovative patio door security bar lock that will give you the peace of mind that your home or office is protected.

French doors and patio doors are common targets for criminals, who can break locks and gain entry to your home or office in less than a minute. The Securian PX-3 is a high-specification double door security latch that will prevent criminals, thieves and other intruders from accessing your property. Once fitted, it’ll keep you safe and sound inside – even if your patio door lock or door bolts are breached. It adds essential extra security to external doors to protect from forced entry.

The Securian PX-3 is part of our range of French door handle locks that are built to withstand the extreme forces used in a home attack. It’s easy to fit, sliding over the door handles and held in place with a retaining knob. It’s hard on criminals, but soft on your door – with a protective foam layer inside causing no scratches or damage to your door handles.

The Securian PX-3 has been designed to be operated by anyone and can be fitted and removed in seconds. Unlike other conservatory door locks on the market, the Securian PX-3 is built from solid metal and has no locks or keys to worry about.

If you’re searching for the best in home protection, invest in the Securian PX-3.

Securian PX-3 features

The Securian PX-3 will provide personal protection and peace of mind when it’s installed. It can be safely fitted to all UPVC doors, wooden doors, composite doors and inward-opening patio doors.

The unit comes pre-assembled with everything you need to install it in the box.

  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Fitted and removed in seconds.
  • Built from high-quality corrosion-free metals.
  • Internal protective layer to avoid damage to handles and doors.
  • Can withstand exceptionally high attack forces.
  • Contemporary design.
  • No locks or keys.
  • L 310mm, W 38mm, H 38mm.

French door protection

The Securian PX-3 has been designed to provide the best protection for your home and business. The unit is built from high-specification materials that won’t rust, corrode, chip or damage. The brushed metal finish is stylish and secure. Unlike other conservatory door locks, it’s built entirely from corrosion-free, lightweight metal.

The Securian PX-3 has been designed in the UK using the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control machining (CNC) manufacturing techniques. We’ve built what we believe to be the hardest wearing and highest quality French door lock on the market.

Tests have established that the Securian PX-3 is tougher than the competition. We’ve used virtual testing, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and computer stress modelling to refine its performance. Independent security experts have attempted to break through the lock and failed. Testing has found the Securian PX-3 to be able to handle the typical attack forces used in an attempted break-in, giving you peace of mind that you, your property and the things you care about most are safe and secure.

What’s in the box

patio door bar lock

The Securian PX-3 comes with instructions on how to securely fit it.

In the box you’ll find:

  • High-quality door handle retainer.
  • Fitting instructions and guidance.

Length: 310mm
Width: 38mm
Height: 38mm
Weight: 0.5kg

patio door security bar installation

Instructions can be downloaded using following link.

Download the PX-3 installation manual

Click here to watch a video tutorial showing how to install the French Door Bar Lock.

Will the Securian PX-3 fit my patio doors?

The Securian PX-3 is suitable for all types of French doors and patio doors with horizontal handles. The French door security bar is 310mm wide. We recommend you measure your door handles before purchasing the unit.

The Securian PX-3 is suitable for use on wooden doors, composite doors and UPVC doors. It’s suitable for double glazed doors and French double doors.

The Securian PX-3 is not suitable for sliding patio doors.

Will the Securian PX-3 damage my door handles?

No. Inside the Securian PX-3 is a soft layer of rubber that will protect your door handles from scratches, chips and other damage caused when you fit or remove it.

How simple is it to fit the Securian PX-3?

The Securian PX-3 simply slides on to the door handles and is secured in place with a retaining knob. The Securian PX-3 can be installed or removed in seconds. In an emergency, you’ll be able to exit your property immediately.

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