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Find out more about Securian Industries Ltd and its Security Products for the Home, Workspace and Asset Protection.

As far back as the 1970’s the team behind Securian Industries Ltd have been highly active in the design and manufacture of a broad spectrum of critical service, high specification mechanical engineering solutions, and more recently mechanical security products for deployment in the home, workspace and commercial uses for both passive day to day protection and emergency situations such as lockdowns and panic room accessories. With a breadth of experience spanning many years in both mechanical and electronic engineering, coupled with an extensive knowledge of material selection and their use, Securian is well placed to bring to market some of the World’s newest and most effective domestic and commercially available product groups in this “Growing Need” sector. All of our products are protected by intellectual property, including patents (pending or granted) and design rights.

Why We Believe Effective, Easy to Use, Internally Fitted Mechanical Security is Needed?

The problems we see is that most homes, properties, workspaces and other assets have their security defences situated externally, such as common door locks, key-code locks, remotely operated locks, chains and padlocks and therefore they are accessible and vulnerable to criminal attack by such methods as lock picking, bar levering, barging/forcing or even being compromised by powerful battery operated equipment such as drills or reciprocating saws and disc grinders. In addition to these problems, most common electronic Security Alarm Systems use internally located door contact sensors and other products such as PIR’s (Passive Infrared sensors) which often means that criminals have most likely already caused damage to a property or even broken into a house or office before the alarm activates. Securian’s products however are designed to deter entry and help stop break-ins in the first place, so it should be an easy decision to make, “Armour Your Assets” because entry-prevention is often far better than dealing with the aftermath and cost of loss and repair following a successful break-in, just ask an insurer.

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