Door Security

Door Jammers

Securian’s precision-engineered door jammers are the ultimate in home and office protection. You can sleep well knowing that you, your family and your property are protected from thieves, attackers and intruders.

Keyless Security


Locks in place in seconds, with no keys or locks to use or lose

Easy Install


Simple installation to provide superior safety and security

Impact Tested


Independently tested to withstand aggressive attacks and substantial forces

Protect Your Property

Your Property

Engineered and manufactured in the UK, built to perform


Door Jammer

The Securian MX-1 is a precision-engineered day and night door jammer that can withstand up to high attack forces.


Pin Door Jammer

The Securian MX-2 pin door jammer is a sleek, strong and secure external door jammer that can withstand up to high attack forces.


Dual Position Door Jammer

The Securian MX-3 is an innovative and versatile dual-position day and night door jammer that enables you to secure your door in two positions.


Double Door Jammer

The Securian MX-4 day and night door jammer provides 24/7 protection for double doors and larger doors.


Dual Pin Door Jammer

The Securian Industries MX-5 is a dual pin door jammer providing a strong and secure external door protection. Fitting flush to the floor, our MX-5 provides discrete and effective protection.


Thieves will use every means to get access to your home, office or commercial property, including forcing open front doors and breaking door locks. Securian’s range of door jammers, door braces and security door stoppers will stop them in their tracks. Once installed and in place, door jammers provide an immovable obstruction to thieves attempting to force entry through inward swinging doors. Even using tools and machinery, the door won’t budge or break, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and secure.

Securian’s easy to install door jammers and security door stoppers are installed behind a door when it is closed. If an intruder breaks the lock and attempts to force the door, the door jammer stops them in their tracks. Our security door jammers have been designed to withstand up to 1,000lbs of force, which is far in excess of that used in a typical home entry attempt. We’re confident our door jammers are the toughest home security devices on the market today, and are an essential security measure.

Yes. Securian’s door jammers and security door stops can be taken out  in seconds, allowing you to open and close the door freely. For patio doors, we recommend using alternative security measures, such as our range of patio door handle locks and door security bars.

Protection For All Around the Home and Workspace

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