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The Securian Mini Wall Anchor provides superior security protection for bikes, motorbikes and scooters. Read more

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Provide the ultimate protection from thieves


Weather-resistant, corrosion-proof and built to last


Simple installation to provide superior safety and security


Independently tested to withstand aggressive attacks and substantial forces

Solid and secure

Mini wall anchor

Designed, engineered and finished in the UK, this premium hardened steel bike ground and wall anchor can be installed in less than an hour. R&D tests have established that the Securian Mini Wall Anchor can effectively stand up to sustained attacks.

Ultimate vehicle protection

Built to last

The Securian bike lock ground and wall security anchor comes supplied with a tough chain and padlock. Built from stainless steel to Securian’s exacting standards, the Mini Wall Anchor is a complete security protection package for your bike, motorbike or scooter.

Quick and easy to install, Fitted in minutes

Securian products have been designed for easy installation, we supply all the necessary fitments that you will need to secure and protect your asset day or night.

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The bevelled edge prevents crowbar attacks, providing complete peace of mind that your bike, motorcycle or scooter is safe and secure at all times. The Securian Mini Wall Anchor can also be used to secure your garage equipment such as lawnmowers, chainsaws and other expensive assets.

The Securian Mini Wall Anchor is a premium wall mounted bike anchor that’s suitable for bikes, motorcycles and scooters. Built from high quality, hardened steel, the bike lock wall anchor is ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

Bike anchors are secured to a suitable wall, floor or another surface, where they provide a secure point to lock your bike, motorbike or scooter. While it may be small, the Securian Mini Wall Anchor has been mechanically stress-tested where it stayed in place under sustained and persistent attacks.

The anchor has a bevelled edge which protects against crowbar attacks, a tactic increasingly used by thieves.

The Securian Mini Wall Anchor comes packaged with a pre-selected chain lock approved by the experts at Securian. The chain is cast from special, case-hardened alloy steel that makes it difficult to cut or break without specialist tools.

The Securian Mini Wall Anchor is a superior quality protection package, containing everything you need to protect your bike or motorcycle from thieves.

Securian Mini Wall Anchor Features

The Securian Mini Wall Anchor will provide ultimate peace of mind that your motorbike or bike is safe and secure. The stable security point is simple to fit and will give a lifetime of solid service.

  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant.
  • Safe to install indoors or outdoors.
  • Built from high-specification, hardened steel.
  • Can stand up to extreme and sustained attacks.
  • Safe to remove and reinstall.
  • 100mm x 100mm x 20mm.
  • Comes with high-quality stainless steel, tamper-proof chain.
  • Easy to install or remove (can be a permanent or temporary fixture).

Complete protection package

The Securian Mini Wall Anchor is a complete security solution for your bike, motorcycle or scooter. The anchor has been designed to stand up to the most aggressive and repeated attacks.

In mechanical stress tests, the small ground and wall anchor stayed solid and stable, when used with suitable security chains or D-Lock and cable.

Unlike other bike anchor points, the Securian anchor has a bevelled edge that protects it from a crowbar attack, where a thief attempts to prise the anchor from the wall. The innovative design ensures that once fixed in place, the masonry bolts are protected from interference.

Unlike other anchors, the anchor bolts are protected rather than having ball bearings hammered into them, which means it can be removed and reinstalled if required.

We’re not willing to take chances with your security, so we have sourced a high-quality chain and padlock as part of the package.

What’s in the box

The Securian Mini Wall Anchor comes with everything you need to fit and use the wall anchor.

In the box you’ll find:

  • High-quality anchor.
  • Masonry bolts.
  • Superior quality chain and padlock.
  • Installation instructions, including recommendations for tools and drill bit/hole sizes.

100mm x 100mm x 20mm.

Are bike wall anchors secure?

A high-quality bike wall anchor will provide an excellent level of protection and security; however, not all bike wall anchors are equal. The Securian Mini Wall Anchor is built from superior quality steel and comes with premium masonry bolts. Unlike other companies, we only use the best quality materials for our ground and wall anchors and security devices. Anchors shouldn’t be fitted to cavity walls, but should be used on brick walls or those of a solid construction.

How easy is it to fit the bike wall anchor?

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to fit the Securian Mini Wall Anchor, including masonry bolts and fixing instructions. To install the anchor point, you’ll need a drill and masonry drill bit. Exact details and sizes can be found in the instruction manual which you can access through our website. It should take under an hour to fit the Securian Mini Wall Anchor.

Can I fit the Securian Mini Wall Anchor to the ground?

Yes! Anchor points can be fixed to a floor or wall, typically for motorcycle security. To install your bike wall anchor point, you will need to identify a suitable wall that’s at least 100mm deep and built from solid construction (stone or brick) to fix the masonry bolts. While there are hollow wall anchors available, ours is designed to be secured to solid walls or floors. Some people fix anchor points to large stones as a shed shackle. While less secure than fixing it to a wall or floor, it can be effective.

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