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The Securian D-Lock is made from a super-strong steel alloy that’s case hardened to toughen it.  Paired with our theft-proof cable, it provides ultimate protection from thieves. Read more

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Provide the ultimate protection from thieves


Weather-resistant, corrosion-proof and built to last


Simple installation to provide superior safety and security


Independently tested to withstand aggressive attacks and substantial forces

Strong and secure

D lock and cable

The Securian D-Lock and cable are suitable for bikes, motorcycles and scooters. Designed and engineered in Britain, our heavy-duty bike D-Lock is weather-resistant, corrosion-proof and built to last. 

Ultimate vehicle protection

Withstands tough attacks

In R&D tests, the D-Lock and cable withstood repeated and persistent attacks without breaking. The Securian D-Lock and Cable will delay and deter thieves, protecting your pride and joy.

Quick and easy to install, Fitted in minutes

Securian products have been designed for easy installation, we supply all the necessary fitments that you will need to secure and protect your asset day or night.

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The D-Locks hardened steel shackle delivers excellent cut resistance and is tough enough to withstand leverage style attacks.

The bike D-Lock can be used as a front wheel disc lock, frame lock and secured to a ground anchor, or wall anchor.

You can thread the cable through wheels and around frames to keep components safe and secure. It’s designed to be used with our range of round anchors and wall anchors but will work with all available security devices, stands and bike anchors.

The Securian bike D-Lock is made from a case-hardened alloy that is able to withstand attacks with power tools, bolt cutters and croppers. Assembled in Britain, the superior tempered steel used to build our bike D-Lock is heavy-duty and hardwearing.

The bike D-lock comes packaged with our super-strong steel cable that is coated in a durable, weatherproof plastic coating. Used together they’re the industry standard in bike protection.

Securian D-Lock and Cable Features

The Securian D-Lock and Cable are designed to withstand a lifetime of use and abuse.

  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant D-Lock.
  • 4 Digit combination lock is easy to use and eliminates the need for keys.
  • Built from high-specification, hardened steel alloy.
  • Strong lock will delay and deter thieves.
  • Innovative bolt-locking mechanism.
  • Double bolt-locking.
  • Highly portable.
  • 115mm x 230mm D-Lock.
  • Comes with high-quality 1200mm x 10mm steel cable.

Portable Protection

Bike thefts are on the rise, so invest in the best bike security protection wherever you are. It may be secure in the shed or garage, but to avoid a stolen bike, you need to carry your lock and cable wherever you go.

Most bike cable locks and cheap D-locks are built from low-quality materials and locks that will take thieves just seconds to snap or break. Our sourced D-Lock is constructed from a super-strong steel alloy that is unbreakable using common hand tools.

While no bicycle lock is unbreakable, the Securian D-Lock and cable will delay even the most committed and skilled attacker trying to steal your bike.

The heavy-duty Securian bike D-Lock is weather-resistant, corrosion-proof and built to last. We always recommend using the Securian D-Lock and Cable wherever you leave your bike, motorbike or scooter. A suitably strong D-Lock and cable will provide a powerful visible deterrent to thieves.

115mm x 230mm D-Lock.
Comes with high-quality 1200mm x 10mm steel cable.

Can I use the Securian D-Lock and cable with a ground anchor?

Yes, we recommend that you use our lock and cable set with a suitably strong ground anchor, wall anchor or immovable object to provide the strongest protection. You can view our range of bike ground anchors and bike wall anchors online. The cable and disc lock set will work with all security stands, anchor points and bike racks.

Why should I buy a D-lock?

D-Locks offer strong protection against a range of attacks as well as being much more portable than other types of lock, such as chain locks.

D-Locks are designed to fit around your bike’s frame or through its wheels or brake discs. This makes it more difficult to access the lock mechanism and attack it.

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