Home Security

How to Secure Your Home

January 14, 2021

Thieves are naturally opportunistic, seeking properties that are easy targets to enter and escape. In 2019, there were 291,816 residential burglaries, with every one representing an attack both on a property and a person. At Securian, we’re serious about home security and want to ensure that your home remains as protected as possible. Here are 10 simple ways to secure your home.

Tip #1: Think like a thief

It may sound counter-intuitive, but burglars and home intruders are risk-averse. If your house appears safe and secure, they’re likely to leave you alone and instead identify an easier target.

Our first tip is to think like a thief. When you approach your home, look out for anything that could make it attractive to an intruder. Open windows and unlocked front doors are clear warning signs, but there are other things that opportunistic criminals look for, such as hiding spots and easy entry points. Rear alleyways, long driveways and low fences all give intruders opportunities to go about their work without fear of interruption.

As you’re assessing your property, jot down anything you think is important – and take action.

It is also important not to overshare on social media. Many experienced burglars take to social media to find homeowners who have shared that they are away on holiday, or on a day trip. Doing this can make you a prime target for intruders, as they have the knowledge that the property will be empty.

Tip #2: Secure doors

Why break a window when you can open a door? More than 1 in 10 homeowners reported leaving their door unlocked, leaving them at risk of robbery. The locks on your door provide the first line of defence, but you can add more with our MX range of affordable security door stoppers and door jammers. These low-cost, high-performance security features are built to withstand repeated attacks.

Patio doors are a common target for thieves who can gain access to your property in just seconds, using a few standards tools. Securing your patio doors is simple with our PX range of french door locks and patio door protectors.

Any additional security won’t just protect your property, it will provide a strong visual warning that could be effective in deterring burglars.

Tip #3: Hide keys

It’s convenient to leave keys in locks – particularly in patio doors, porch doors, sliding doors and conservatory doors that we don’t open that often, but it’s a huge risk. A key in the door provides an escape route for a burglar, so don’t give them the option.

Store all keys out of sight. If you have similar locks and keys throughout the house, affix a small label to each key telling you what it is. Trust us, it’ll save time when you need to find the right one!

Tip #4: Lock all windows

Double glazed windows should come fitted with internal locks that add extra protection. Some people are concerned about using their windows locks because they are worried about escaping the property in the event of an emergency. If this is the case, we suggest that if you are leaving your home empty, then you should lock all windows. When you return, you can unlock all the windows in your home in just a few minutes.

While we’re on the subject of windows, it can be tempting to leave them open, particularly on hot days and nights – but don’t. So-called ‘unforced burglaries’ are the easiest to avoid.

Tip #5: Protect your parking

In the last four years, car theft has increased by 50%, with many homeowners waking up to find an empty space where their vehicle used to be. While some opportunistic burglars will pocket your keys during a robbery, there are sophisticated gangs who specifically search for certain makes and models, effectively stealing them to order.

Our PB range of retractable bollards will deter even the most committed of criminals and provide an immovable object. When locked into place, a thief will have no chance of reversing or removing your car.

While it’s essential to protect your home, you should secure your garage too. Many of us store bicycles, motorbikes, tools and other valuables in our garages. Ensuring your garage door remains locked when not in use is vital in keeping your items secure.

Tip #6: Home security system

A professionally fitted alarm system is an effective way to protect your property that’s loved by insurance companies, and hated by intruders. A decent alarm system can set you back up to £950, but over time you’re likely to recoup at least some of that in reduced premiums.

Our advice is to ensure you understand how to set-up, use and disarm your home security system. If your alarm system is complicated and confusing, you won’t bother to use it – which exposes you to risk.

home security system

Tip #7: Light it up

Motion-sensitive lights are an intelligent investment in security and can provide additional protection. High-powered security lights can be targeted at risky areas, such as rear alleyways or driveways.

We suggest that you get all lights professionally fitted and ensure that the beams don’t affect your neighbours’ enjoyment of their properties.

Tip #8: Secure your perimeter

If a thief is interested in your home, they’ll search for an easy entry point such as a break in a fence, a dodgy garden gate or low wall. Take a walk around the outside of your house and identify any weak points – then put them right.

Tip #9: Digital doorbell

Digital doorbells and smart locks are becoming more popular as homeowners seek to add additional protection to their property. A smart doorbell enables you to see who is approaching your front door and in some cases, even interact with them using the built-in microphone and speaker.

While a doorbell isn’t a strong deterrent, it’s another visual reminder to a thief that you take your home security seriously. In the future, we’re likely to see greater home automation security systems.

Tip #10: Catch it on camera

New developments in digital recording, mean that a high-powered home security system may not cost as much as you think. A recent round-up of the best security cameras in tech-bible Wired found high-quality cameras start at just £69.

The bigger your property, the more cameras you have and the higher-quality footage you want to capture will all affect the total package cost. If you’re serious about security, it could be a price worth paying.

Staying safe

If someone is determined to gain access to your garden and are prepared to scale high walls and fences, then there’s little you can do to stop them. But you should never make it easy for them. We hope the tips in this guide are useful and help you to protect your home. Explore Securian’s range of door jammers and barricades designed to help provide an extra level of protection to your home.

Finally, if you ever find yourself the victim of a robbery, or suspect there’s an intruder on your property or in it, then call the police.