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Are patio doors easy to break into

January 30, 2024

Patio doors, or French doors, can give the illusion of seamless indoor-outdoor living (while being a bit more practical for UK weather than an actual indoor-outdoor space). They can add natural light and spectacular views — not to mention value — to a property. 

But there may be some concerns about patio door security. 

This post will explore how secure sliding glass doors really are, and give you a transparent look at how you can increase patio door security.

Vulnerability Assessment: Are patio doors easy to break into?

There are a few key reasons why patio doors have a reputation as easy targets for burglary and break-ins.

Patio doors are predominantly made of glass

All that gorgeous natural light has to get in somehow. 

We’re all familiar with the sound of smashing glass — it’s not a material known for its strength! 

But modern patio doors are normally made of sterner stuff, from harder-to-smash double- or triple-glazing to toughened security glass.

Patio door locks may not be as secure as traditional doors

The locking mechanisms that come with patio doors as standard aren’t typically as robust as those on more traditional front and back doors. 

This is, in part due to the materials patio doors tend to be made from. 

Whether your doors are made from UPVC, wood, double glazing, or composite, you can improve home security (without changing the locks) with patio door security bars.

Some sliding doors can be dislodged from their frame

Depending on the type of patio door you have — sliding glass doors, bifold doors, or a double-opening French door — patio door construction can increase the risk of forced entry. When sliding doors are poorly constructed, flimsy, or made from weak materials, it may be possible to dislodge the entire door from the frame and remove it to gain entry into the home. 

As with concerns around glass security, sliding door security is normally less of an issue with modern doors, which tend to be more solid. Patio door security bars can also make it harder for would-be burglars to dislodge doors from their casing.

Factors Affecting Patio Door Security

As we have explored above, there are a few ways that patio doors can present a security vulnerability in your home. But what other factors can affect overall patio door security?

Door materials

From lightweight plastic or aluminium frames to single-glazed glass, patio door materials present several potential security risks. 

Modern patio doors, however, normally have better security features — they tend to be made from sturdier UPVC or wood, and double-glazed, triple-glazed, or toughened glass.

Locking mechanisms

Any door’s lock is only as secure as its’ locking mechanism. 

Whether your patio doors use a mortice, deadlock, or multi-point locking system, you can always add security with patio door security bars.


Ensuring your patio doors are installed correctly should be the first step to patio door security. 

Always use a qualified and trusted professional to install patio doors, and ensure the doors are certified with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

How Secure Are Patio Doors?

The answer (as ever) is: “That depends.”

It depends on the materials the doors are made from, it depends on the locking mechanism in place, and it depends on whether additional steps have been taken to reinforce them.

How can you improve patio door security?

First, check what materials your patio doors are made from. If they are single-glazed, or the doors could easily be dislodged from the rails, it might be time to upgrade the materials. 

As a quicker fix, additional locks and security bars can be a way of reinforcing your patio door security and protecting your home.

Expert Recommendations

Insights and recommendations from security experts on enhancing patio door security and best practices for homeowners.


Patio doors can add much-needed light to a property and give you quick access to the garden or yard. 

But they are only as secure as the locks and other materials they are made from. 

Technology has come a long way since the days of single-glazing and flimsy frames — and you can always add an extra layer of security with patio door security bars