Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ answers many of the general questions about Securian® products.

A burglar alarm is just one layer of a comprehensive home security system. Burglar alarms do not keep intruders out of your home—and once an intruder is in your home, you and your family are in danger. The MX & PX range of products are designed to keep intruders out of your home in the first place as they are not able to kick in the door after breaking your external door lock.

The products are very easy to install and use. Initial installation takes just a few minutes to fit, leaving you very secure during the day or protecting you and your family at night –   Detailed installation instructions.

Deadbolt and chain locks are only as good as the frames to which they’re attached. Most of these locks are attached to flimsy door frames and wood trim. This makes it easy for burglars to kick in the door regardless of the quality of the lock.

But the Securian products are anchored securely to the floor, literally barricading your entry doors shut and making entry door kick-ins virtually impossible. By the clever design of construction the Securian products can withstand tremendous force and provide maximum home security.

Between 3mm & 10mm dependant on product choice, all door clearance must be checked on each product fitting installation guide available to view on the website.
We supply the correct screws & Plastic plugs needed for each product, we advise on the fitting installation guide what drill bits you require and what diameter.